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Why Now Is a Great Time for a Career Change–And How to Make It Happen This Holiday Season

By Laura Lewis

Cozy woman on couch job searching

With all the gift giving, matzo ball making, and festive celebrating we do during the twilight of the year, career development often goes overlooked. But the winter holidays are an ideal time to start or advance a career change–for nearly every type of role in tech!

Here’s why there’s no time like the present to launch a fulfilling new tech career, and how it can be the best gift you give yourself all year.

Make a List and Check It Twice

The holiday season is perfect for making a career change simply because you’re already thinking about the new year! Whether you’re looking to reach a financial goal or interested in a professional challenge, you can make job seeking a priority by setting aside one hour per night for cozy, couch-side job seeking.

  • Tip: create a job-specific holiday wishlist of what you’re looking for in a role and compare it against prospective job descriptions online. If you find one that matches up, take the steps to apply–or start researching the skills and experience you’ll need to qualify.

Send Tidings of Good Cheer–Along with Your Availability

Companies are gearing up for the new year during the holidays, too–reviewing budgets, setting goals, and, yes, filling new and existing positions including entry-level tech careers! In fact, some companies may even have funds allocated for this purpose that must be used by the end of the year.

That’s good news for both employers and job seekers, because recruiters will be encouraged to fill these roles quickly by late December.

  • Tip: Demonstrate to potential employers that you’re ready to move forward with the grace and expediency of a flying reindeer by including your next available interview times with your application.

Jingle all the Way to the Top of the Nice List

In the tech industry and beyond, it’s often best to start your job search during the end of the calendar year in your quest for a career change. This is because there’s usually less competition for specialized roles during this time due to job seekers’ holiday travel and other commitments. Plus, hiring managers have often just received new budgets for the new year, so applicants who apply in December-February are more likely to secure salaries in the higher end of a position’s range.

  • Tip: Make a hiring professional’s Nice List by taking advantage of their slowest season for application volume. Send in your detailed resume just before the Christmas holiday–complete with any portfolio links or other (highly visual!) assets. That way, they’re ready for casual review right away–and employers may remember you when they’re back in the office to move forward with the process.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Techmas

Throughout 2023, employment projections have been varied, to say the least. However, year-end data suggests that job demand across the board exceeded most of these projections. That trend is slated to continue for specialized, high-wage positions in 2023–making now an excellent time to pursue a career change into one of these fields.

As (almost!) always, the technology sector’s demand for qualified new professionals outpaces other industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 400,000 new tech jobs will be added in 2024–about 4 times the average amount for other occupations.

  • Tip: Consider a career in tech! Caltech Bootcamps Powered by Fullstack Academy offers immersive, live online tech career training bootcamps in a range of concentrations–all of which are projected to increase significantly in job demand over the next year, according to the BLS. So take a break from caroling to sing the praises of your new, fulfilling tech job for New Years to come when you apply today!

Happy Holidays,

The Fullstack Academy Team